Meet the Actresses


Daija produced a short film about the activism-based organization New Era Detroit.  She also was cast in a series that has possibly been picked up by Netflix. She is also member of PRSSA, a student, and a data entry operator.


Sydni Janeé, Actress and Host of “The Beginning: A Podcast by Sydni Janeé”, Graduated with a BFA at Western Michigan University and Member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity.


Melaine has been modeling for three years with the opportunities of being in fashion shows, video shoots, and photoshoots throughout college. She is a student at Michigan State University and is military-affiliated. 


Zaria starred in her first paid film that debuted this past February! She is also a BFA student & Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Let's Talk About It!


All Body Types Matter

“We need to normalize embracing all body types, specifically ones that do not fit society’s narrow mold. Body portrayal within the media is more vital than ever considering the digital age we are in. With more people having access to content (social media, news, etc.), there needs to be an increase in representation that follows. This means allowing all body types—skinny, fat, tall, short, able, disable, etc..—to thrive in society so that those who identify as such can also indulge in the stories that are being told.”

- Zaria

"I want to normalize independence and individuality in relationships. It is amazing when you can connect with someone and you both share so much in common. Furthermore, the differences between you two are even better. You are your own person and so is your partner. It is absolutely okay and should be celebrated to be an independent thinker in a relationship. No successful organization or company in history has a boardroom full of people who fall victim to groupthink. Neither should your relationship. As corny as it may sound, be true to yourself."



Shades of Melanin

“Something I want to normalize is the diversity of skin color in the media and in general. More dark skin women should be represented more often than normal. The perception that light skin is better and more beautiful than darker shades is false and this is what the media portrays. All shades of women of color are beautiful, dark skin included. WE all represent being black and should look at one another as such and not feel as if we’re competing against each other. Women of color represent beauty, subtleness, and calmness. More importantly, we represent MELANIN.”


Support Black Women

"I want to normalize supporting our Black women. It's not always about competing with each other or being the best. We all shine in our own unique way. If anything, we should be helping each other get to the top!”-Sydni